Mobile Workers

The rise of the Mobile worker.

Technological changes have been creeping in to all areas of our lives but they are now combining to fundamentally change the space in which we work. As more companies and individuals move from PC based technology to working with the cloud our requirement for a specific desk to work from has changed. We may not have noticed it at first, but Cloud based software and applications have meant that we do not need to work from the same desk day in day out. Laptops, WIFI, Smart Phones and Tablets are all allowing us to access the web for increasingly complicated applications. Some of us now have the option to work from wherever we choose. Welcome to the world of the mobile worker.

Corporate employees are discovering that they now need to book a desk space ahead of time, which they would have formerly taken for granted. The number of desks has been reduced and as there is no need for a fixed PC workers can “hot desk”. If a large employer can downsize the amount of office space it needs to provide to the workforce by say 10% it has a significant effect on overheads.

So where do the newly empowered workers go? Some hold doggedly onto the desk in the office, others are embracing the change and working at home or in more local “Hubs”. Coworking spaces as they are otherwise known are developing a pace around the world in response to the flexible collaborative requirements of mobile workers. Solopreneurs, corporate employees, freelancers, and start ups are sharing exciting new work space designed to suit the mobile worker.

Critical to this space is the internet connection, gone are the days where ADSL would suffice. Cloud based applications are becoming increasingly hungry for bandwidth and leased lines are crucial, as is the flowing coffee and opportunities to network.

A consequence of this paradigm shift is the blurring of work and play. The dividing line between when we work and when life outside of work begins is becoming less distinctive. To some of us this is the most natural thing, to be able to fit work around our lives, to have flexibility away from the 9-5, others find it an intrusion. Think about how it may already be impacting you.

  • Caroline Deacon

    Sounds good – especially the extra bandwidth and coffee…..